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We’re a new breed of data driven marketers. Pattern disruptors. Growth hackers. Out of the box thinkers. Growth is our passion. No fluffs, no bluffs — only numbers. Whether you are an established business or a startup on the rise, Okaygrowth™ partners with companies that seek different ways to make bold impact.

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What you get with partnering up with Okaygrowth™:

Grow in a Thousand Ways
We go way beyond Facebook and Google Ads. Our multidisciplinary team wears multiple marketing hats and no growth method misses our radar.
No matter if classical marketing, hacky strategies or disruptive experiments — we drive your impact, in every way.
Enterprenuers to Enterprenuers
From brick & mortar to SaaS business or mobile apps — we have built our companies too and understand your challenges on a practical level.
Years of tweaking made our growth manifesto simply work — for ourselves and our clients.
Growth by Numbers
If it is not measurable it is not manageable. We respect your money and only do strategies that are designed to create a metric and to scale.
By diving deep into your numbers, we extract every information that could bring you a new growth opportunity.

Our approach

We are not looking for clients.
We are looking for partners, with whom we can grow and scale to the moon. The world is chaotic and changing faster than ever. Being focused and agile is key to growth. It’s not a sprint, it's a marathon — and we are in it for the long haul.

Snorefree App

142% App Install Rate

We partnered with snorefree and helped them boost their app downloads and increase their subscription renewal rate. Within two months, our growth strategies increased the app install rate from 21% to 142% and improve the subscription renewal rate from 13% to 124%.

Case study coming soon

Les Néréides

74% Repurchase Rate

Understanding the buyer’s journey at every stage of the funnel is key in understanding the desires of a customer. We helped Les Néréides improve their after sale process through leveraging their customer data. With the right message at the right time we managed to improve the repurchase rate from 14% to 74%.

Case study coming soon


205,313 Total Post Engagment

293,503 Total Reach, 723 Shares and an ad recall lift of 63%. The anatomy of virality is a combination of information, emotion, and brand prominence. We partnered with FairPlane and leveraged their own data warehouse to get a clear understanding of their customers. We used data to create compelling posts that went viral.

Case study coming soon


1410% Opt-in Rate

We partnered with ELK - the number one in Austria and one of Europe's leading manufacturers of prefabricated houses, to improve the opt-in rate. Through mapping out the entire customer journey and tracking behavioural data we, harnessed the power of AI and ML to increase opt-in rate.

Case study coming soon

What we can do for you

Whether your business is in the idea phase trying to get market validation or already generating revenue. We can help in any stage. We will help you validate your business idea, help you move from product/market fit to product/customer fit, turn your data into actionable insights or use growth hacking tactics to scale your product or service.

Research, test and validate until prouct market fit

business modeling and defining growth metrics.

design and develop until customer market fit

customer data insight growth strat. testing.

Research, test and validate until prouct market fit

Business modeling and defining growth metrics.

design and develop until customer market fit

customer data insight growth strat. testing.


Research & Discovery

As the saying goes, you can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data. In our analysis phase we levrage as much data as available to find meaningful insights. Combing, market data with competitor insight data to achieve product/market fit.

1 Market Research & Competitor Intelligence
2 User Personas & Buyer Journeys
3 Analytics & Tracking Setup
4 Competitor Analysis
5 etc.
2—Growth Ideation

Define & Align

The Growth Metric is the most important metric that captures the core value that your product or service delivers to customers. In this phase will help y ou define your north star metric and develop strategies that will drive sustainable growth across your full customer base.

1 Omni Channel Strategy
2 Customer Data Management
3 Defining & Leveraging Growth KPIs
4 Martech Management
5 etc.

3—Growth-Centred Design

Build & Design

Why sell a product when one can sell an experience! Whether its web design, application or brand development, we build for growth. Our build and design phase focus solely on customers needs. We rapidly design experiences, test, learn and iterate to find the ultimate product/customer fit.

1 UX/UI/CX Design
2 Mock-up Design & Wireframes
3 Web & Brand Design
4 Conversion Rate Optimization
5 etc.
4—Experiments & Scaling

Growth Hacking & Automation

Growth, growth, growth by all means. Growth hacking is more of a mind-set than a tool kit. Together we develop +40 growth experiments, which we test in sprints. From data scraping, algorithm manipulation, to coding custom scripts. Our only goal is growth and our only limitation is our imagination.

1 Data Mining & Enrichment
2 Social Engineering Tactics
3 Growth Hacking & Rapid Testing
4 AI & ML Prediction Models
5 etc.

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